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Методическая разработка по обучению учащихся 7 класса средней школы устной монологической речи с использованием опор

Образование » Обучение учащихся средней школы устной монологической речи с использованием опор » Методическая разработка по обучению учащихся 7 класса средней школы устной монологической речи с использованием опор

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Нами составлен методическая разработка по обучению учащихся 7 класса средней школы устной иноязычной монологической речи с использование опор. В основу положен УМК «English» Н.В. Юхнель, Е.Г. Наумова для 7 класса.

Методическая разработка состоит из 3 циклов:

Цикл 1 “Tavelling To World Capitals”

Цикл 2 “From Australia To Belarus”

Цикл 3 “English”


1 “Travelling To World Capitals”

1. Work in groups. Read one of the texts about Minsk landmarks and prepare to present it to your group.

Text 1.

Church of Saints Simon and Helen also known as the Red Church is a Roman Catholic church on Independence Square in Minsk, Belarus. Catholic building was built between 1908 and 1910 on the orders of a rich Belarusian family upon the death of their two children after whom the church is named. The two smaller towers are named after the offspring, while the larger one represents the grief of the parents.

Text 2.

Island of Tears located on Svisloch river, is a famous city landmark which presents a curved stone bridge leading to the island where a monument is located. The monument is dedicated to the soldiers who died in Afghanistan. One important element of the memorial is the figure of a weeping guardian angel.

Text 3.

Victory Square is located at the crossing of Independence avenue and Zakharau street. A green park stretches from the Victory Square to the river of Svislach and to the entrance to the M. Gorky Park. Victory square is the key landmark of Minsk. A 3-meter replica of the Order of Victory crowns a granit column of 38 metre erected in the centre of the square. The Sacred Sword of Victory is at the base of the monument. The monument was built in 1954 in honor of the soldiers of the Soviet Army and partisans of Belarus.

Text 4.

Cathedral of the Holy Spirit is one of famous symbols of Minsk. It is a beautiful, big, long, two-towered Russian Orthodox cathedral in the very heart of the city. In 1741 the original structure was damaged by fire but later reconstructed. The convent was closed in 1852 and the building given to the Russian Orthodox Church for use. Monastery being closed by the Bolsheviks after the October Revolution.

Today this cathedral is restored to its origin glory. On the top of cathedral is Minsk Icon of Holly Mother. From local stories it could be dating from around 1500.

2. Compare different ways of travelling. Say what way of travelling you prefer. Prove it. This spidergramme below will help you.

3. Work in pairs. Imagine that your friend come from London to Minsk. Look at the pictures and say which landmarks you suggest visiting.

4. Look at the picture. Make up a story what had happened with the girl.

5. Read famous people’s quotation about travelling. Who do you agree with? Prove your point of view.


2. “From Australia To Belarus”

2. Imagine you have a lot of money. Decide

Горизонтальний сувій: - where you would like to go and why;

- what country (city) you would visit and why;

- what way of travelling you would choose;

- what leisure activities you would perform.

You may use the following words, phrases:

Округлений прямокутник: to travel; by plane (train, car, bus, bicycle, ship); to visit different places; to learn many interesting things; to see other countries; to visit theatres, museums, exhibitions; to meet people; to climb mountains; to walk; to breathe in fresh air; to swim; to sunbathe; to admire the nature; to have a fantastic view of the mountains; to take part in a festival; to stay in the hotel; to reserve rooms; to buy souvenirs; to go shopping; to go on a walking tour
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